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"Customer focused and innovative. When we needed a central piece to integrate a diverse system, SmartEdge came up with the 'glue' to make the whole thing work in harmony."

Jim Pankiewicz, Manager of Enterprise Architecture, IEEE

"SmartEdge stresses 'customer first' principles, such as being proactive, excelling at anticipating customer needs, and properly managing client expectations. They do not permit deadlines to slide. I have relied on SmartEdge to solve some of the more challenging projects at the firm."

David Porcelli, Assistant Director, Global Accounting Firm

Scrum Coaching
Going agile and in need of a Scrum coach? Tried an agile implementation and didn't get the results you expected? We're here to help. Our Scrum coaches have extensive experience implementing agile in various organizations. We've been building software in an agile fashion for well over 10 years.   Read more.

Agile software development
Our success in building software goes hand in hand with utilizing an agile approach. Mix it in with a well-experienced development team and you've got a winning formula. Our US-based development team is comprised only of senior developers with experience in a range of industries and technologies.   Read more.

Looking for a way to unit-test servers that communicate via XML messages? XMLMessageTest may be for you. It's easy to use and is abolutely free.   Read more.