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​"I've been trying my tests with XmlMessageTest. I have to admit I did not use all the possibilities it offers, but I'm very pleased with what I can already do with it..."

Ana Raquel Gomes, Global payment processor.

"Your tool has some good features that I could use, like chaining the requests from responses and response validation."

Jeevan Nomula, International hotel company.

There are a number of open-source unit testing tools available. So why another one?

Well, this one addresses a specific need - an easy way to test XML-based servers. If you have a server that communicates with clients via XML messages, you can end up putting a lot of effort into using one of the unit-testing frameworks to test all the messages. Just think of all the code needed to set up communications, construct messages, and verify responses.

A simple alternative is to document XML messages and expected responses, without having to write any code. Let XmlMessageTest send each XML message to the server, verify returned messages against expected results, and produce a simple report of test results.

XmlMessageTest is written in Java and should be able to run any Java-enabled platform. It can also be easily integrated into your build process.

Download It contains instructions, executable jar, source code, and sample tests. XmlMessageTest is distributed as open-source software under GNU public license.

You can view the readme.html that is part of the package. Sample screenshot.

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